Working at Sherin and Lodgen


Sherin and Lodgen hires paralegals and support staff who demonstrate professionalism and dedication. We train, mentor and educate our staff in the latest law firm technology and in our commitment to high-level client service. We have a strong work ethic, a low turnover rate, and are committed to providing a work environment that fosters teamwork and professional growth.


I’ve worked at Sherin and Lodgen for over twenty years; initially in the word processing department and for almost eight years as secretary to Josh Alper. The ‘open-door’ culture of our firm is unique and cultivates a friendly, team oriented environment (even when having to burn the midnight oil). We are encouraged to develop relationships with each other as well as with the firm’s clients. It truly has the feel of extended family as we watch each other grow and transcend in our professional lives and in our family lives.

- Joyce King


When I first joined Sherin and Lodgen as a paralegal, I was both excited and nervous because I had no previous law firm experience. I soon discovered that the firm has a culture of training and support through seminars and hands-on practical advice. The attorneys find time to answer my questions, and co-workers are always ready to help. Such an environment has helped mitigate stress and allows me to focus on daily tasks. Last but not least, my supervising mentor has provided me with invaluable guidance and support from the first day I joined the firm.

- Kay Chan
Real Estate Paralegal