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Boston Globe quotes John C. La Liberte on Zip Car Suit

October 13, 2009

The Boston Globe quoted John C. La Liberte, chair of the firm's Litigation Department and of the Bankruptcy and Creditors' Rights Group, in the October 13 article "Suit alleges Zipcar pulled fast ones with excessive fees." A lawsuit filed in Federal court in Boston accuses Zipcar of charging customers with a "discreet medley of customer charges" of which customers may not be aware. The class-action proceeding sought by the plaintiffs is an indication that Zipcar, a local start-up, has grown considerably, John says.

From the article:

"'It's a backhanded compliment,' said John La Liberte, an attorney with Boston law firm Sherin and Lodgen who is not involved in the litigation. The suit shows Zipcar 'has made it,' he said.


La Liberte said some law firms have built a cottage industry in representing consumers in class-action lawsuits. While the amount of damages is typically small for each customer, it can add up to millions of dollars when multiplied by all the customers affected nationwide.

In this case, the outcome will probably depend on how clearly Zipcar disclosed the fees.
'It's a matter of what is in the contract and what is in the fine print,' said La Liberte, who focuses on commercial litigation. 'I don't think [this case] is anything out of the ordinary.'