Social Media and Digital Technology

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Sherin and Lodgen LLP launched its Social Media and Digital Technology Practice Group in June 2011. This practice group brings together expertise from the intellectual property, employee training, risk management, and litigation perspectives. Corporate clients of all sizes are becoming increasingly aware of the legal risk that employee and corporate usage of social media and other digital technologies can pose, both with regard to personal and enterprise liability.

Sara Shanahan, vice-chair of our Litigation Department and co-chair of the firm’s Social Media and Digital Technology Practice Group, led a panel discussion at the ALM Corporate Counsel East Coast Conference for the past two years regarding “Social Networking Policies: Mitigating Risks and Reaping Rewards” and “Preparing Your Company for Social Media Challenges.”  The topics were well-received, as companies are struggling with the ever-changing ways in which their business and competitive information can be threatened by careless and intentionally disruptive uses of social media and digital outlets by their employees and competitors. Companies are also finding that business and brand development can be advanced by savvy participation in the expanding social network. Corporate training with regard to hiring practices and employee uses of social media will continue to be critical, especially with regard to protecting companies from discrimination and retaliation claims.  In addition, social media and digital technologies give rise to new concerns about inadvertent waiver of the attorney-client privilege and unintended disclosure of trade secrets.

Businesses seeking advice on how to manage risks and reap rewards associated with these technologies should feel welcome to contact leaders of our Social Media and Digital Technology Practice Group.

Practice Area Co-Chairs

Edward S. Cheng, C. Forbes Sargent, Sara Jane Shanahan

Speaking Engagements and Publications

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Preparing Your Company for Social Media Challenges
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Matthew C. Moschella

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