Practice Areas


In keeping with the pervasive nature of taxation, Sherin and Lodgen provides advice over a broad range of tax issues and tax planning opportunities of interest to the full spectrum of our clients and their related stakeholders, from closely held businesses to real estate entrepreneurs to not-for-profits. Our clients depend on us to not only solve tax issues, but more importantly, to avoid issues and unnecessary taxation with sophisticated tax planning.

We take pride in creating tax solutions which are practical and economically efficient, as well as being tax efficient. We accomplish this by learning about our clients in depth, including their business and personal goals and limitations, as well as those of related stakeholders whose interests may be impacted. Through long experience, we have learned that many of the most sophisticated tax solutions are just not practical in the real world, and we seek to always keep a balance between sophistication and practical efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have extensive experience in the tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, particularly as they relate to closely held enterprises. This includes not only structuring deals for the tax benefit of our clients, whether buyer or seller, but also includes both buy-side and sell-side tax due diligence. While buy-side due diligence is typically done, we have found that sellers can benefit significantly by engaging us to provide tax due diligence reviews in advance of intended offerings.

Real Estate

Our clients involve us in a range of activities including tax structuring for both investors and developers, and unwinding similar structures whose goals have changed (or whose partners’ goals have changed). We are often involved in structuring Section 1031 deferred tax exchanges, including the use of privately structured tenancy-in-common ownership structures, and have used such structures to resolve impasses created by partners whose goals have diverged.

Closely Held Businesses

Sherin and Lodgen provides a complete spectrum of tax services of benefit to closely held business enterprises and their owners and employees. We assist in tax decisions ranging from the most beneficial initial structuring (based on both current and longer term goals), restructuring more established operations to accommodate new equity or employee ownership, day-to day tax issues related to normal business operations such as sale-leasebacks, employee tax issues, compensation and fringe benefits, to normal retirement and supplemental executive retirement plans. Multi-generational ownership transfers and other family tax planning related to the business are also frequently needed areas for our advice.

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