February 2020

Sticks and Stones May Break Bones, But Words May Constitute Unlawful Discrimination

By Brian J. MacDonough on February 26, 2020
speaking bubbles with curse words inside

In recent months, there have been several news stories about the legal implications of inappropriate and/or offensive language in our... Read More »

But I Would Have Earned It – Treble Damages for Lost Wages

By David I. Brody on February 26, 2020
magnifying glass up to a coin

The Massachusetts Wage Act provides strong protections for employees, including, for example, making it unlawful for employers to withhold an... Read More »

Unequal Bargaining Power and Hardship May Make a Post-Employment Restriction Unenforceable: New Guidance from Massachusetts’ Highest Court

By Nancy S. Shilepsky on February 26, 2020
A bronze color statue of a blindfolded woman holding a justice scale up in front of her with her left hand, and a sword in her right.

On October 1, 2018, the Massachusetts Non-Competition Act, MGL c. 149, sec. 21, went into effect. Without a doubt, the... Read More »

Brian J. MacDonough appointed Chair of the Firm’s Employment Department

By Sherin and Lodgen on February 1, 2020

Brian J. MacDonough has been appointed chair of the firm’s Employment Department, effective February 1, 2020. Brian previously served as co-chair... Read More »