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February 2020

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Sticks and Stones May Break Bones, But Words May Constitute Unlawful Discrimination

02/26/2020   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough

In recent months, there have been several news stories about the legal implications of inappropriate and/or offensive language in our... Read More »

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But I Would Have Earned It – Treble Damages for Lost Wages

02/26/2020   |   BY David I. Brody

The Massachusetts Wage Act provides strong protections for employees, including, for example, making it unlawful for employers to withhold an... Read More »

A bronze color statue of a blindfolded woman holding a justice scale up in front of her with her left hand, and a sword in her right.

Unequal Bargaining Power and Hardship May Make a Post-Employment Restriction Unenforceable: New Guidance from Massachusetts’ Highest Court

02/26/2020   |   BY Nancy S. Shilepsky

On October 1, 2018, the Massachusetts Non-Competition Act, MGL c. 149, sec. 21, went into effect. Without a doubt, the... Read More »

Brian J. MacDonough appointed Chair of the Firm’s Employment Department

02/01/2020   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

Brian J. MacDonough has been appointed chair of the firm’s Employment Department, effective February 1, 2020. Brian previously served as co-chair... Read More »