Real Estate Development

There are two compelling reasons why leading real estate developers throughout New England seek Sherin and Lodgen's counsel:

  1. We have significant, first-hand knowledge of the complex legal issues affecting real estate development. These include permitting, construction, financing, leasing and environmental.
  2. We're skilled in each of these areas. Sherin and Lodgen has a large and highly regarded real estate department, able to match the right lawyer or combination of lawyers with each assignment.

Our goal for every development project in which we're involved is to efficiently and effectively meet the client's needs.

Sherin and Lodgen's real estate development attorneys have proven themselves under fire. Our team has the sophisticated legal knowledge, business acumen and practical experience it takes to close.

We're able to ensure that all the various components of a real estate development project are achieved in an efficient, time-sensitive and cost-effective manner. This is true regardless of the assignment, whether it is a small residential development, a complicated mixed-use project, a multi-tenant retail development, or a large power plant.

Sherin and Lodgen has the right lawyers with the right skills for the most complicated real estate development projects, including:

  • Land acquisition and site assembly
  • Permitting before local, state and federal authorities
  • Negotiation of contracts with contractors, architects and other design professionals
  • Debt and equity financings for both construction and permanent financing
  • Leasing, and
  • Disposition of assets

We think of ourselves as the "quarterback" of a complicated transaction. We do this in a way that not only complies with applicable law but also results in projects that:

  • Get permitted and built on time
  • Are financeable, and
  • Are ready for our client's use, leasing or disposition

Our attorneys work hard to ensure that the interaction among the various consultants, contractors, lenders, potential tenants or purchasers on a project is seamless to the client.

Representative Experience

  • A major Northeast developer in the acquisition and permitting of a 40-acre urban brownfield site for the development of a net-zero research and development/technology park, targeting companies that focus on renewable and sustainable technologies
  • A major Boston residential developer in acquiring and permitting the first residential development in Boston marketed to aging gay and lesbian couples
  • An independent power producer in all real estate permitting and land use issues in the development of two gas-fired combined-cycle power plant projects in Massachusetts, bringing over 2100 megawatts of additional power to the Massachusetts power grid
  • The current owner of a Massachusetts retail center in negotiating with a suburban Massachusetts town for rezoning the town center for potential retail or Massachusetts 40R mixed use residential development