Our Clients


Sherin and Lodgen is committed to providing legal services of unsurpassed quality at reasonable expense, so as to provide the highest value to our clients. The firm conservatively staffs projects to deliver timely and effective service tailored to our clients’ needs. Paralegals and other support staff are used efficiently in appropriate situations.

Sherin and Lodgen’s approach to project management and delivery offers clients:

  • Accurate, focused and timely legal advice
  • Frequent communication
  • Constant accessibility
  • Meticulous draftsmanship
  • Close collaboration with in-house counsel, as well as other licensed professionals required for the smooth operation of our clients’ businesses


We invest heavily in technologies designed to keep information secure, save time, and ease communication with our clients. A few key examples:

  • Productivity software for litigation, including Summation and LiveNote, used to organize documents and exhibits in preparation for trial
  • Software designed to speed the creation and execution of common contracts is used for corporate and real estate matters
  • Upon request, we implement third-party billing and e-billing, which allows streamlined billing and accounting procedures and facilitates matter-cost analysis
  • We also have the ability to collaborate for our clients and third parties via an extranet website, using a state-of-the-art Juniper SSL device, which provides secure, encrypted access to limited files on a case-by-case basis
  • Security software scans all electronic documents before they leave the firm to ensure that no client meta data is distributed to third parties. An industry-leading SPAM/Virus system scans all incoming email. In addition, a second program performs a separate scan before it is delivered to user’s desktops, decreasing the likelihood of malware invading computer systems

The firm has an IT disaster recovery plan in place to protect data and allow for swift recovery in the event of disruption or disaster.