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Reminder of Attorneys’ Ethical Obligations When Practicing Remotely

By Edward S. Cheng on April 24, 2020
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The Pennsylvania Bar Association recently issued an Opinion that gives some reminders of our ethical obligations as attorneys as we... Read More »

Departure is Such Sweet Sorrow: Leaving Your Law Firm

By Edward S. Cheng on November 7, 2019
stock photo of handing over resignation letter

You may have just been invited to leave your current firm to join a prestigious big firm. Or maybe you... Read More »

Bankruptcy Court Weighs in on Conflicts of Interest in Business Transactions

Two businessmen in are sitting the same boat try to move it in the different directions. Shows the conflict within the picture.

A recent decision of the U.S. Bankruptcy for the District of Massachusetts in the adversary proceeding Cruikshank v. Dixon, in... Read More »

Keep Calm and Carry On – What to Do With a Letter From Bar Counsel

By Edward S. Cheng on October 31, 2018
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Keep Calm and Carry On – What to Do With a Letter From Bar Counsel Monday morning just got worse.  You... Read More »

Supreme Judicial Court limits use of in pari delicto defense

By Edward S. Cheng on October 11, 2018
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In the recent case of Merrimack College v. KPMG, LLP (SJC-12434), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court cut back on the... Read More »

The Attorney – Client Relationship 101: Helpful Reminders Before, During and After Representation

By Jessica Gray Kelly on September 24, 2018
Wooden gavel resting on its end on a wooden table in front of an open law book conceptual of a judge or courtroom.

The existence, terms, and scope of an attorney-client relationship are generally straightforward and understood between the parties.  There are times,... Read More »

How to Withdraw from Representation Ethically in Mass

A red paper cut out of two people holding hands is being cut at the hands that meet, which separates them.

The saying goes, “Getting married is easy, getting divorced is complicated.” A similar sentiment applies once a lawyer has entered... Read More »

Stormy and the lawyers: Ethics 101

By Thomas F. Maffei on April 16, 2018
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The Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump story has political pundits abuzz with charges and countercharges. Who is telling the truth? Is Daniels... Read More »