Congratulations to our client, Triangle Inc.

June 8, 2016

Our client, Triangle Inc., was featured in the June 3 rd issue of the Boston Globe. The article, “A push to get workers with disabilities into regular jobs,” highlighted Triangle’s initiative to secure jobs for those with disabilities outside out of sheltered workshops. In the past five years, Triangle has placed workers in 700 jobs in the Greater Boston community.

Sherin and Lodgen has represented Triangle for the past 5 years on the full spectrum of legal issues including employment, contract review, and issues specific to nonprofits. The team is led by C. Forbes Sargent III, chair of the firm’s Corporate Department.

To learn more, read the article here.

About Triangle Inc.

Through support, challenge, and opportunity, Triangle empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. We are committed to helping the world realize that we are all people with ability. Since 2001, Triangle has rapidly expanded to provide youth and adults with the innovative career, leadership, and safety skills they need to live more independent, dignified lives. Visit their website to learn more.