Edward S. Cheng quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article on ‘removed action’ venue statute

June 3, 2019

Edward S. Cheng, a partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, was quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on May 23, 2019. The article, “Client can’t move fee dispute out of Mass. federal court,” addresses a recent case in which a Monroe Capital Management Advisors, who was sued in Massachusetts state court by law firm Riemer & Braunstein over nonpayment of fees, was denied a change of venue after removing the case to federal court in Boston.

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From the article: 

Edward S. Cheng, a business litigator in Boston, said the result in the case was as expected.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody that if you try to avoid paying fees to a corporate entity in a particular state, you can get sued in that state,” Cheng said, noting that the decision was consistent with the general rule that the plaintiff in a case gets to choose venue.

“That’s why sometimes there’s a race to file first,” he said.