Sherin and Lodgen attorneys to attend the Boston Bar Association’s program, “Gender Pay Equity: The Facts, The Issues, The Law”

September 22, 2016

Sara Jane Shanahan, chair of the firm’s Litigation Department, Nancy S. Shilepsky, partner in the firm’s Employment Law Group, and Debra Squires-Lee, partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, to attend the Boston Bar Association’s program entitled, “Gender Pay Equity: The Facts, The Issues, The Law,” on Thursday, September 22, from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM at the Boston Bar Association 16 Beacon Street, Boston, MA.

Description of the program:

The long-lingering reality of pay differentials between men and women has become a hot issue in the last few years.  Massachusetts just passed the most comprehensive pay equity law in the country, and there is legislation pending at the federal level.  The so-called wage gap has dramatic effects on personal economic well-being, family wealth, poverty, and the economy – yet few people or businesses understand exactly what it is (e.g., are women in Massachusetts really paid only 82% of what men make for the same job?), why it still exists (e.g., is women’s time off for family responsibilities a major factor?), what can be done to remedy it (e.g., won’t the problem go away if women just negotiate better?), and how it affects businesses (e.g., doesn’t promoting pay equity hurt businesses and/or existing workers?).  This panel presentation will explain what the gender wage is, how the law can play a role in eliminating it, other ways of working to eliminate the wage gap, the racial and ethnic dimensions of gender pay differentials, and the business-side of addressing pay equity.

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