Thomas F. Maffei quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on representing Robert A. George in the successful appeal of his petition for reinstatement to the federal district court

May 15, 2023

Thomas F. Maffei, Senior Counsel in the firm’s Litigation Department, was quoted in the May 15th issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. The article, “Formerly disbarred lawyer soon to be welcome back in federal court, too,” discusses the successful appeal of the federal district court’s denial of Robert A. George’s petition for reinstatement.

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From the article:

From the outset, Judge Saylor informed George and his counsel, Thomas F. Maffei of Sherin & Lodgen in Boston, that he would not have the last word on George’s petition. That would come from the full bench.

Maffei said of George that , “He’s been practicing law in Massachusetts for two years, so to the extent that the court in the Cintolo case wanted to see how [the attorney] would do, we’ve had a two-year look-see at Bob George, and nothing has surfaced that should be of concern to anyone — in fact, just the opposite,” Maffei says.

George, 68, said “yes he is pleased that one of the last remaining clouds over his career is lifting.”

“I’m grateful and I’m thankful that I am allowed to take on federal cases again and practice law in both the state and federal courts and do as much good as I can do in the time we all have left,” he tells Lawyers Weekly.

Maffei adds that he is pleased the District Court reaffirmed the principle that  “There is no lifetime bar on the disbarred lawyer.”