Thomas F. Maffei quoted in The Boston Globe on representing Robert A. George in a legal malpractice lawsuit

September 6, 2022

Thomas F. Maffei, Of Counsel to the firm, was quoted in The Boston Sunday Globe for successfully gaining reinstatement to the bar of Massachusetts for Robert A. George, a well-known criminal defense attorney, who was convicted in 2012 of money laundering counts.  The article discusses the history of the case and uphill battle faced in getting attorney George’s license reinstated.

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From the article:

George teamed up with attorney Thomas F. Maffei of Sherin and Lodgen, known for his expertise in legal ethics and bar disciplinary cases. Maffei made clear that George’s quest to return to the fold was “an uphill battle.”

He and Maffei prepped as if getting ready for one of George’s high-profile criminal trials. Maffei submitted some 60 exhibits and legal filings on George’s behalf, along with 33 letters from lawyers, judges, court personnel, and inmates George had done time with. The hearing lasted four days. Scapicchio testified, as did retired federal judge Nancy Gertner. Gertner called George “an extraordinary advocate” and testified that when she was on the bench, “I remember him to be among the best in terms of the energy and the commitment and the work product.”

Today, George, 67, has settled into a new routine, a new strategy for survival. He has no plans to resume the hectic, workaholic pace of yesteryear. He’s been selective in building his caseload. He’s got two rape cases in Barnstable, a union corruption case in Boston, a corruption case in Rhode Island, among others.

Meanwhile, he and Maffei continue to pursue his reinstatement to the federal courts, appealing a single judge’s recent rebuff of his bid.