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But I Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office – Your Right to Work from Home

03/21/2022   |   BY David I. Brody

With the COVID Omicron-surge in the rear-view mirror, employers across Massachusetts are calling the workforce back into the office. This... Read More »

Top Five to Ten

Our “Top Five to Ten” List of Important Recent and Upcoming Cases

07/20/2021   |   BY David I. Brody

When we published our February newsletter, COVID-related closures were still commonplace, vaccines were only first making their way to the... Read More »

One Year and Counting: Employee Rights in a Post-COVID Workplace

02/19/2021   |   BY David I. Brody

One year into the pandemic, life feels as uncertain as ever. This uncertainty extends to questions about employee rights and... Read More »

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But I Would Have Earned It – Treble Damages for Lost Wages

02/26/2020   |   BY David I. Brody

The Massachusetts Wage Act provides strong protections for employees, including, for example, making it unlawful for employers to withhold an... Read More »

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The “Top Five Cases” We Watched in 2019

01/03/2020   |   BY David I. Brody

As we kick off the new decade, we're wrapping up the top five cases and topics of importance to executives... Read More »

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Navigating the Job Interview: Spotting and Responding to Potentially Unlawful Interview Questions

10/01/2019   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough and David I. Brody

Largely gone are the days when employers could blatantly make hiring decisions based upon unlawful factors, like the sign in... Read More »

A blue circle with binoculars on a black background.

Our “Top Five to Ten” List of Important Recent Cases

10/01/2019   |   BY David I. Brody and Nancy S. Shilepsky

In order to keep our readers abreast of recent developments and legal trends, we are continuing our “top five to... Read More »

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Fiduciary Duties: Expansion of Protections for Shareholder-Professionals

06/18/2019   |   BY David I. Brody and Nancy S. Shilepsky

As a general rule in Massachusetts, the officers and directors of a corporation do not owe fiduciary duties to individual... Read More »

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“But I Can’t Prove It.” Yes You Can, With Circumstantial Evidence

03/11/2019   |   BY David I. Brody

It is impossible to count the number of times we have heard an employee say, “I know something is wrong... Read More »

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High Court Reinforces Discrimination Is About More Than Money

03/11/2019   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough and David I. Brody

Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms and present itself in countless ways. Many people mistakenly believe that discrimination... Read More »

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UPDATE: IRS Says NDAs Don’t Prevent Plaintiffs from Deducting Attorneys’ Fees in Sexual Harassment Settlements

03/11/2019   |   BY David I. Brody

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Job Act (the “Act”), contained troubling language for plaintiffs seeking to settle sexual harassment claims... Read More »

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Punishing Unlawful Employers – Juries Say #MeToo

11/19/2018   |   BY David I. Brody

The effects of the #MeToo movement have reached almost all corners of our lives, and the courtroom has been no... Read More »