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Non-Competition Agreements: The Material Change Doctrine is Alive and Well

By Brian J. MacDonough on February 19, 2021

For years now, it seems that every annual “hot topics & trends” list within the legal and business community has... Read More »

There is No Such Thing as “Boilerplate”: Protecting Equity and Deferred Compensation

By Brian J. MacDonough and Nancy S. Shilepsky on April 20, 2018
A business woman sitting across a table with a paper titled "Employment Agreement."

Typically, an executive separating from employment is asked to sign a severance agreement in exchange for severance.  Severance agreements may... Read More »

Look Before You Leap

By Christopher R. Blazejewski on August 7, 2017
Closeup of male hand pointing where to sign a contract.

In his latest article, Christopher R. Blazejewski discusses how to get the best employment agreement possible if you are considering joining... Read More »

Keeping Your New Job and Staying Out of Court (Even in California): Tips for Employees as They Transition to New Employment

Hand written reminder in caps to "start new job" on a yellow sticky note stuck to a calendar background.

In the world of employment law, one of the most common misconceptions is that, in California, employees move freely between... Read More »

Avoiding the At Will Employment Doctrine: Three Practical Strategies for Massachusetts Employees and Their Lawyers

By Nancy S. Shilepsky on March 5, 2017
A yellow sticky memo pad note with black writing that says "you're fired!"

The doctrine of employment at will arose during the Industrial Revolution as an alternative to what had been the mutual... Read More »