Christopher R. Blazejewski quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on whether the lis pendens statute applies to appellate attorneys’ fees, as it does in trial court

May 26, 2020

Christopher R. Blazejewski, partner in the firm’s Litigation and Employment departments, was quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on May 21, 2020. The article, “SJC: lis pendens statute provides for appellate fees,” examines a recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling in which a party who prevailed under a special motion to dismiss procedure of the lis pendens statute was entitled to an award of attorneys’ fees, not only in the trial court, but also in the appellate courts.

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From the article: 

“Boston attorney Christopher R. Blazejewski said the lesson to be drawn from the decision is clear.

‘Think hard before filing a frivolous lawsuit in pursuit of lis pendens, and think doubly hard before doubling down on appeal, because you may end up paying a big attorneys’ fee award to your opponent in the end,’ he said.”