Christopher R. Blazejewski quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

October 25, 2017

Christopher R. Blazejewski, partner in the firm’s Litigation and Employment departments, was quoted in a Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article entitled, “Court’s mistake of law doesn’t shield firm from legal-mal claim,” on October 19, 2017.  The article referred to the case Kiribati Seafood Company, LLC, et al. v. Dechert LLP.

From the article: 

Boston’s Christopher R. Blazejewski, who represents lawyers in professional liability matters, said the decision represents a further whittling away in Massachusetts of legal defenses available to attorneys in malpractice actions.

First, he said, it undermines the defense of judicial error as a superseding cause of alleged harm in certain malpractice cases, regardless of what an attorney did or did not do.

Additionally, it clarifies the duty of attorneys to take reasonable steps, such as offering additional evidence, to convince a court that the client should win even under its erroneous but foreseeable ruling, he said.

“Overall, the lesson for lawyers from Kiribati is clear,” he said. “Even if the umpire is calling the strike zone wrong, you still have to try to pitch to where the ump is calling it.”