John C. La Liberte quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article, “Judge orders $21M in enhanced damages for trade secret theft”

November 16, 2016

John C. La Liberte, co-chair of the firm’s Business Litigation, Construction Law and Real Estate Litigation Practice Groups and the firm’s General Counsel, was quoted in a Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly article entitled, “Judge orders $21M in enhanced damages for trade secret theft.”

From the article:

According to Boston business litigator John C. La Liberte, Burroughs applied the appropriate standard under Massachusetts law in enhancing the plaintiff’s award.

“The USM decision had language in it basically stating that the  actual damages suffered by a plaintiff could be doubled, but in USM they were dealing with the disgorgement of lost profits, which could not be doubled,” said La Liberte, whose practice includes trade secret litigation.

Here, the judge is “sending a message to people in the medical industry that if you’re going to take and use trade secrets in an underhanded manner, you’re going to be penalized,” he said.

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