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In-Person Client Meetings and COVID-19

04/12/2021   |   BY Edward S. Cheng

A fellow attorney just circulated a poll to his friends asking, “Are you starting to meet with your clients in... Read More »

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Reminder of Attorneys’ Ethical Obligations When Practicing Remotely

04/24/2020   |   BY Edward S. Cheng

The Pennsylvania Bar Association recently issued an Opinion that gives some reminders of our ethical obligations as attorneys as we... Read More »

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Departure is Such Sweet Sorrow: Leaving Your Law Firm

11/07/2019   |   BY Edward S. Cheng

You may have just been invited to leave your current firm to join a prestigious big firm. Or maybe you... Read More »

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Keep Calm and Carry On – What to Do With a Letter From Bar Counsel

10/31/2018   |   BY Edward S. Cheng

Keep Calm and Carry On – What to Do With a Letter From Bar Counsel Monday morning just got worse.  You... Read More »

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Supreme Judicial Court limits use of in pari delicto defense

10/11/2018   |   BY Edward S. Cheng

In the recent case of Merrimack College v. KPMG, LLP (SJC-12434), the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court cut back on the... Read More »