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Stormy and the lawyers: Ethics 101

04/16/2018   |   BY Thomas F. Maffei

The Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump story has political pundits abuzz with charges and countercharges. Who is telling the truth? Is Daniels... Read More »

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Why Mediation Works (99% of the Time)

12/07/2016   |   BY Thomas F. Maffei

As a mediator, I am not surprised by how much effort lawyers devote to picking the “right” mediator, even though... Read More »

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Lawyer’s Lessons: Doing the Right Thing Pays Off…Eventually!

01/13/2015   |   BY Thomas F. Maffei

A recent summary decision by the Appeals Court tells a remarkable story of a good lawyer who made a mistake,... Read More »

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Lawyer Reboot: Starting Over at a New Firm

11/07/2013   |   BY Thomas F. Maffei

Not that long ago, a lawyer joined a law firm, rose through the ranks, became a partner and finished out... Read More »