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Lawyers in the United States Should Pay Attention to the Panama Papers

04/06/2016   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

The Panamanian law firm that was the source of the “Panama Papers” says it was hacked, exposing its clients’ personal... Read More »

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Email Pitfalls in Business Transactions

10/13/2015   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

The benefits of email communication are numerous: Emails are sent and received instantaneously. They can be read and responded to on... Read More »

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Get Ready for New Technology Rules in the Revised MA Rules of Professional Conduct

06/24/2015   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

It would be a nightmare for any lawyer to find that someone had hacked into their firm’s computer network and... Read More »

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Social Media and Spoliation – Can A Client Delete Her Facebook Posts?

09/29/2014   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

Jurors, litigants, and their attorneys are increasingly savvy about social media.  At the same time, it seems that many people... Read More »