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five miniature houses made out of 100 dollar bills

Rooftop Leasing – Landlords, Look Before You Leap!

03/30/2015   |   BY Ronald W. Ruth and Paula G. Curry

This month’s edition of Shopping Centers Today, the magazine of the International Council of Shopping Centers, Inc., features an article... Read More »

a phil dunphy from mordern family gif with the words " When life gives you lemonade, make lemons, Life will be like WHAT?!"

The Aging Population and the Real Estate Community

10/08/2013   |   BY Paula G. Curry

My friend, Phil, turned 60 last month. He’s one of the first among my “peer group” – the people I... Read More »

solar panel park with blue cells on a green field and sunset in the background

Can Solar Farms and Backyard Gardens Co-Exist? Zoning Tensions Flare in Massachusetts

05/09/2013   |   BY Paula G. Curry

Imagine you’ve just purchased your dream home in the ‘burbs. Your patio has just been finished. Your beautiful 2-acre lot,... Read More »

"think green" text on green lawn

How Green is my Dollar Tree?

11/19/2012   |   BY Paula G. Curry

While shopping for socks the other day, I heard this announcement. “Did you know,” said the soothing female voice, “that... Read More »

"think green" text on green lawn

LEED Certification – Worth the Cost?

07/03/2012   |   BY Paula G. Curry

Dana Developer has just acquired a coveted brownfield site in Blackacre and is planning to construct a 300,000 square foot... Read More »