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The Evolution of the Health Club as a Tenant in Retail and Mixed-Use Developments; Pros and Cons

By Gary D. Buchman on October 17, 2018
Exercising equipment arranged at the gym

A health club used to be an unwelcome tenant in any retail shopping center.  The traditional thinking was that health... Read More »

Percentage Rent: How it’s Calculated

By Gary D. Buchman on April 8, 2016
a red and white "for lease" sign in focused with a bulding in the background

Percentage Rent is intended to reward the Landlord for creating a successful retail environment wherein the Tenant exceeded a sales benchmark... Read More »

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (“HVAC”), Solar and Other “Green” Heating Alternatives in Retail Leasing

By Gary D. Buchman on April 10, 2014
sliver air vents on top of a building

A topic that arises in virtually every retail lease, and yet is barely addressed in the letter of intent (LOI),... Read More »

Letters of Credit versus Cash Security Deposits

By Gary D. Buchman on March 19, 2013
a open safe with stacks of money pouring out

Commercial Tenants often request that Landlords accept a Letter of Credit in lieu of a cash security deposit. This blog... Read More »

Negotiating Inclusions and Exclusions from Operating Expenses or Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Costs

By Gary D. Buchman on November 7, 2012
a snow plow plowing up snow and trees covered with snow in the background

Most retail leases are so called triple net leases, in which Tenant pays its proportionate share of Insurance, Real Estate... Read More »

5 Elements to Include in Collateral Assignment of Lease/Landlord’s Waiver

By Gary D. Buchman on June 20, 2012
modern glass skyscrapers in business district at sunset

Landlords of commercial properties are often asked to sign a collateral assignment of lease and a waiver of the landlord’s... Read More »