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The Evolution of the Health Club as a Tenant in Retail and Mixed-Use Developments; Pros and Cons

10/17/2018   |   BY Gary D. Buchman

A health club used to be an unwelcome tenant in any retail shopping center.  The traditional thinking was that health... Read More »

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Percentage Rent: How it’s Calculated

04/08/2016   |   BY Gary D. Buchman

Percentage Rent is intended to reward the Landlord for creating a successful retail environment wherein the Tenant exceeded a sales benchmark... Read More »

sliver air vents on top of a building

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (“HVAC”), Solar and Other “Green” Heating Alternatives in Retail Leasing

04/10/2014   |   BY Gary D. Buchman

A topic that arises in virtually every retail lease, and yet is barely addressed in the letter of intent (LOI),... Read More »

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Letters of Credit versus Cash Security Deposits

03/19/2013   |   BY Gary D. Buchman

Commercial Tenants often request that Landlords accept a Letter of Credit in lieu of a cash security deposit. This blog... Read More »

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Negotiating Inclusions and Exclusions from Operating Expenses or Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Costs

11/07/2012   |   BY Gary D. Buchman

Most retail leases are so called triple net leases, in which Tenant pays its proportionate share of Insurance, Real Estate... Read More »

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5 Elements to Include in Collateral Assignment of Lease/Landlord’s Waiver

06/20/2012   |   BY Gary D. Buchman

Landlords of commercial properties are often asked to sign a collateral assignment of lease and a waiver of the landlord’s... Read More »