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a building in the middle of construction with work machines out front and blue sky in the background

Recent Changes to the Law of Private Construction Contracts – Your Government is Here to Help You Again

10/03/2014   |   BY Peter Friedenberg

As part of the end-of-session rush at the General Court this summer, significant changes were made to Massachusetts law governing... Read More »

tan townhomes with a street in front of them

This couldn’t happen in my mixed-use condominium….or could it?

04/01/2014   |   BY Peter Friedenberg

I just finished reading an article about a recent Superior Court case, Board of Trustees of the Gates of Greenwood... Read More »

sea water rising above yellow diamond sign reading "Climate Change"

Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels: Taking a Local Look at a Global Problem

03/05/2013   |   BY Peter Friedenberg

The Boston Harbor Association recently released a sobering report entitled “Preparing for the Rising Tide” which assesses Boston’s vulnerability to... Read More »

a gavel hitting a stack of hundred dollar bills on a wooden table

Be careful (and wordy) in drafting “Prevailing Party” clauses

09/26/2012   |   BY Peter Friedenberg

It’s an oft-repeated complaint – the sheer cost of litigating a claim, regardless of its merits, makes it difficult or... Read More »

Construction site with multiple cranes and sunset of blue and white as the background.

Private Development of Public Land: 7 Key Tips for Developers

05/09/2012   |   BY Peter Friedenberg

Developers seek out publicly-owned land for private development projects for a number of reasons, ranging from the unique locations available... Read More »