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Folder reading “leasing” placed on top of computer keyboard

The Importance of Recordkeeping in Commercial Lease Administration

03/17/2017   |   BY Sander A. Rikleen and Jennifer Ioli Connelly

Many commercial leases provide for automatic extension of the term unless one party notifies the other in writing within a... Read More »

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Residential Security Deposits Provide Protection for a Landlord, but There can be Unexpected Pitfalls

04/29/2016   |   BY David A. Michel and Sander A. Rikleen

On April 27, 2016, the ever-perilous legal landscape for Massachusetts residential landlords developed an additional potential pitfall. The statute governing... Read More »

the word "permits" labeled on a blue binder in a office

Massachusetts Permit Session Jurisdiction Explained

02/27/2015   |   BY Sander A. Rikleen and Jennifer Ioli Connelly

On February 27th, the Massachusetts Appeals Court again held that certain land use appeals under Mass. G.L.c. 185, §3A, cannot... Read More »

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Take Advantage of the Massachusetts Personal Property Tax Exemption for Solar Installations

12/17/2014   |   BY Sander A. Rikleen

The Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board recently addressed the situation in which a land owner used a solar power system to... Read More »