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Retailers Can Improve Leasing Efficiency with Document Automation

By John J. Slater III on May 23, 2018
person choosing "leasing" button

Corporate legal departments in the retail industry are under constant pressure to cut costs, and they often pass those pressures... Read More »

Sharing Can Be Hard: The Risks of Distributed Work Space

By John J. Slater III on September 9, 2015
interior of modern design office with no people

When mother encouraged you to be nice and share with others she likely did not have office space in mind. ... Read More »

10 Key Features of the Massachusetts Transportation Funding Legislation

By John J. Slater III on August 27, 2013
red line train mbta with buildings in the background

The ULI Boston Infrastructure Council, which I Co-Chair, has in recent years engaged in an effort to demonstrate to the... Read More »

EB-5: How Immigration is Driving the American Real Estate Recovery

By John J. Slater III on April 11, 2013
country railroad crossing: a narrow gravel road crosses a set of railroad tracks in rural virginia.

When traditional sources of financing for real estate projects became more difficult to find in 2007 and 2008, some business... Read More »

Boston Building Energy Reporting Ordinance Proposed

By John J. Slater III on April 2, 2013
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Recently, Mayor Menino filed a proposed Ordinance with the Boston City Council to require owners of medium and large sized... Read More »

Hub and Spoke: Greater Boston Transportation Update

By John J. Slater III on October 10, 2012
red line subway train of mbta with bulidings in the background

In June, the ULI Boston District Council issued “Hub and Spoke: Core Transit Congestion and the Future of Transit and... Read More »

“Stretching” the Stretch Energy Code

By John J. Slater III on May 23, 2012
Diagram titled “Energy Efficiency” with water droplet, lightning bolt, fire, and heat wave tiles.

The Board which promulgates the State Building Code is considering amendments to the State Energy Code which will increase the... Read More »