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Retailers Can Improve Leasing Efficiency with Document Automation

05/23/2018   |   BY John J. Slater III

Corporate legal departments in the retail industry are under constant pressure to cut costs, and they often pass those pressures... Read More »

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Sharing Can Be Hard: The Risks of Distributed Work Space

09/09/2015   |   BY John J. Slater III

When mother encouraged you to be nice and share with others she likely did not have office space in mind. ... Read More »

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10 Key Features of the Massachusetts Transportation Funding Legislation

08/27/2013   |   BY John J. Slater III

The ULI Boston Infrastructure Council, which I Co-Chair, has in recent years engaged in an effort to demonstrate to the... Read More »

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EB-5: How Immigration is Driving the American Real Estate Recovery

04/11/2013   |   BY John J. Slater III

When traditional sources of financing for real estate projects became more difficult to find in 2007 and 2008, some business... Read More »

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Boston Building Energy Reporting Ordinance Proposed

04/02/2013   |   BY John J. Slater III

Recently, Mayor Menino filed a proposed Ordinance with the Boston City Council to require owners of medium and large sized... Read More »

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Hub and Spoke: Greater Boston Transportation Update

10/10/2012   |   BY John J. Slater III

In June, the ULI Boston District Council issued “Hub and Spoke: Core Transit Congestion and the Future of Transit and... Read More »

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“Stretching” the Stretch Energy Code

05/23/2012   |   BY John J. Slater III

The Board which promulgates the State Building Code is considering amendments to the State Energy Code which will increase the... Read More »