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Show Me the Money! Negotiating Tenant Allowances

By on April 6, 2015
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Tenant Allowances are cash contributions made by a landlord to a tenant to prepare the premises for business. Landlords offer... Read More »

What You Need To Know: Boston and Cambridge Energy Use Disclosure Ordinances

By Jennifer L. Ioli on January 5, 2015
modern electric meter close up view

On July 28, 2014, Cambridge, Massachusetts enacted an energy use disclosure ordinance, joining Boston and several other cities. The Cambridge... Read More »

The Effect of Online Shopping on Retail Leases and Percentage Rent

By Sherin and Lodgen on April 30, 2014
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“Percentage Rent” is a familiar concept to retailers and landlords and has long formed a significant aspect of the business... Read More »

Five Key Issues for the Parties to a Sublease

By Edward M. Bloom on April 15, 2014

A sublease is a transfer of less than a tenant’s full interest in its lease because either it is a... Read More »

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (“HVAC”), Solar and Other “Green” Heating Alternatives in Retail Leasing

By Gary D. Buchman on April 10, 2014
sliver air vents on top of a building

A topic that arises in virtually every retail lease, and yet is barely addressed in the letter of intent (LOI),... Read More »

Broker Awarded Fees Where Lease Was Not Signed

By Joshua M. Alper on March 3, 2014
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A judge of the Superior Court has recently awarded brokerage fees to a realtor despite that the landlord did not... Read More »

5 Lease Tips for Startups

By Sherin and Lodgen on February 3, 2014
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Generally when thinking of a lease arrangement between a landlord and tenant we have in mind a long term relationship. ... Read More »

Key Ingredients in Restaurant Leases

By on September 16, 2013
a restaurant with a sign that has the words "restaurant" in neon pink lights and people inside, also a big window to look into

Developers of life style centers want to offer their customers an enticing selection of restaurants to draw in customers and... Read More »

Unwary Landlord May Lose Right to Damages when Terminating Defaulting Tenant’s Lease

By Edward M. Bloom on May 6, 2013
lease agreement document with money and keys on a wood background

Commercial landlords should be aware of the April 30th SJC decision in 275 Washington Street Corp. v. Hudson River International,... Read More »

Letters of Credit versus Cash Security Deposits

By Gary D. Buchman on March 19, 2013
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Commercial Tenants often request that Landlords accept a Letter of Credit in lieu of a cash security deposit. This blog... Read More »