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Closeup of male hand pointing where to sign a contract.

Look Before You Leap

08/07/2017   |   BY Christopher R. Blazejewski

In his latest article, Christopher R. Blazejewski discusses how to get the best employment agreement possible if you are considering joining... Read More »

An orange pill tube with medical marijuana spilling out of it on top of a prescription pad.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Courts Agree – and Disagree – on the Rights of Medical Marijuana Patients in the Employment Context

08/02/2017   |   BY Christopher R. Blazejewski

Two recent decisions by state courts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island on medical marijuana and the workplace agree on one... Read More »

A computer screen reading "Social Media" with sticky notes around it along with office supplies on the wooden table.

Social Media and the Workplace: Takeaways from ‘Beagan’

07/20/2017   |   BY Christopher R. Blazejewski

The Rhode Island Supreme Court on June 19 issued its first decision discussing the burgeoning and unsettled topic of social... Read More »