Sherin and Lodgen attorneys to speak at a webinar on solar tax equity investing

March 17, 2021

Sherin and Lodgen attorneys will participate on a panel sponsored by Sunwealth and the Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA) on March 23, 2021. The complimentary webinar, “Banking on Solar: Tax Equity and Financing Masterclass,” will show how the Solar Investment Tax Credit aligns with a banks long-term strategic goals. The MBA, Sunwealth, and Sherin and Lodgen attorneys Beth A. Goldstein, Tanya M. Larrabee, and Matthew A. Morris, will discuss ways banks typically structure solar financing, and the state of the regulatory and tax environment underpinning solar in Massachusetts.

View the full webinar agenda and register to attend here.

The MBA is a multi-faceted banking trade group that represents about 125 banks. These institutions, large and small, are commercial, savings and co-operative banks, federal savings banks, savings, and loan associations, and trust companies throughout the Commonwealth, and New England. Together, their member banks manage an aggregate $27 trillion in assets under custody.

Sunwealth is an innovative, tech-driven clean energy investment firm. By leveraging a deep understanding of solar with extensive investment experience, Sunwealth has developed a well-rounded portfolio of commercial solar projects that boast significant financial returns and provide high-efficiency solar power to businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations.