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Private Development of Public Land: 7 Key Tips for Developers

By Peter Friedenberg on May 9, 2012
Construction site with multiple cranes and sunset of blue and white as the background.

Developers seek out publicly-owned land for private development projects for a number of reasons, ranging from the unique locations available... Read More »

What is “Main Street Fairness” or “Marketplace Fairness”?

By Joshua M. Bowman on May 2, 2012
Colorful row of quaint shops and businesses with woman walking dog on the sidewalk.

Given the amount of media attention that the issue of “Marketplace Fairness” (formerly called Main Street Fairness) has attracted from... Read More »

5 Key Issues in Biotech Leasing

By Sherin and Lodgen on April 25, 2012
Conical flask in scientist's gloved hand with lab glassware background. Laboratory research concept.

While there are commonalities in concerns on the landlord and tenant side in all leases regardless of the use, biotech... Read More »

5 Basics of Title Insurance Endorsements

By on April 18, 2012
Stack of books with a book titled "Insurance Policies." Book title on spine. Closeup view.

Title insurance, in the form of owner’s and lender’s policies, has long been a mainstay of real estate practice.  As... Read More »

6 Tips for Retail Tenants: Traps Preventing Lease Transfers

By on April 11, 2012
Front scenery of a shopping mall

Retail tenants entering into long term leases should be aware that tenants’ rights to assign or sublet may prove illusory... Read More »

The Eaton Foreclosure Case: Addressing A Problem That Doesn’t Exist

By Edward M. Bloom on April 4, 2012
a white and red sign that has the word "foreclosure" and a yellow house in the background

The case of Eaton v. Federal National Mortgage Association, which is currently pending before the SJC, addresses the issue of... Read More »

4 Lessons on Funding a Community Health Center with New Markets Tax Credits

By Douglas M. Henry on March 27, 2012
a brick building and people out front with sidewalks and trees

The process of funding community health centers is often complicated and lengthy. Combining financing from a multiple sources, such as... Read More »

What Real Estate Developers Should Know About Affordable Housing

By Sherin and Lodgen on March 26, 2012
Icon to represent "Affordable Housing" with a miniature home and sign next to it.

The return of real estate development to the Boston area creates a renewed focus on the complex legal framework associated... Read More »