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A Major Danger To Commercial Property Owners (And Their Lenders) — The Protective Safeguard Endorsement To Property Insurance Policies

03/24/2016   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

Almost all property owners’ insurance policies contain various endorsements covering such matters as rent insurance, business interruption, service interruption, liquor... Read More »

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Massachusetts Registered Land – A Primer

07/08/2014   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

Many out-of-state attorneys and real estate professionals are unfamiliar with the existence of registered land in Massachusetts. Approximately 15 to... Read More »

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Lender’s Title Insurance Coverage Does Not Extend to Lender Liability Claims

08/23/2013   |   BY Joshua M. Alper

The decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC”)  in Deutsche Bank National Association v. First American Title Insurance Company,... Read More »

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5 Basics of Title Insurance Endorsements

04/18/2012   |   BY Sherin and Lodgen

Title insurance, in the form of owner’s and lender’s policies, has long been a mainstay of real estate practice.  As... Read More »