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What You Need To Know: Boston and Cambridge Energy Use Disclosure Ordinances

By Jennifer L. Ioli on January 5, 2015
modern electric meter close up view

On July 28, 2014, Cambridge, Massachusetts enacted an energy use disclosure ordinance, joining Boston and several other cities. The Cambridge... Read More »

Must a Retail Business Allow an Individual to use its Property to Solicit Signatures for Elective Office?

By Edward M. Bloom on November 11, 2013
a man signing a paper on a clipboard

In 2012, Steven Glovsky needed 1,000 signatures in order to be placed on the ballot for a seat on the... Read More »

10 Things Real Estate Developers and Investors Should Know About Boston Zoning and Local Permitting

By Sherin and Lodgen on September 17, 2013
buildings in boston and grass infront

Major real estate development projects like the former Filenes site downtown and the New Balance “Boston Landing” project in Brighton... Read More »

10 Key Features of the Massachusetts Transportation Funding Legislation

By John J. Slater III on August 27, 2013
red line train mbta with buildings in the background

The ULI Boston Infrastructure Council, which I Co-Chair, has in recent years engaged in an effort to demonstrate to the... Read More »

10 Highlights of “An Act Promoting the Planning and Development of Sustainable Communities”

By on August 11, 2013
mass state house, a brick building with a gold dome on the top and a blue sky in the background

Support grows as Zoning Reform Law is Referred to Committee With the support of numerous environmental, housing and planning groups (along... Read More »

An Act Preventing Unlawful and Unnecessary Foreclosures

By on September 12, 2012
a paper with the words "real estate home foreclosure legal notice" and keys on top of the paper

On August 3, 2012, Governor Patrick of Massachusetts signed “An Act Preventing Unlawful and Unnecessary Foreclosures” into law.  As suggested... Read More »

Permit Extension Act Extended Once More in Massachusetts

By Sherin and Lodgen on August 29, 2012
permits concept. word on folder register of card index. selective focus.

The development community within the Commonwealth was the recipient of a welcome benefit following Governor Deval Patrick’s signature of the... Read More »

Liquor License Applications – Counsel and Patience Required

By Sherin and Lodgen on June 6, 2012
beer tap at a restaurant or pub

In their two-page “How to Get a Liquor License in Massachusetts” article, the instructional website eHow.com claims: “applying for your... Read More »

Gaming in Massachusetts: What are the stakes to play in the new regulatory system?

By Sherin and Lodgen on May 30, 2012
slot machine in casino

On November 22, 2011, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law An Act Establishing Expanded Gaming in the Commonwealth (the “Act”),... Read More »

U.S. D.O.J. Extends ADA Compliance Date For Pools And Spas

By Sherin and Lodgen on May 29, 2012
under water view of swimming pool

Public accommodations with pools and spas built before March 15, 2012 now have until January 31, 2013 to comply with... Read More »