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How Green is my Dollar Tree?

By Paula G. Curry on November 19, 2012
a green circle with a white lightbulb in the middle and recycling sign in the bulb

While shopping for socks the other day, I heard this announcement. “Did you know,” said the soothing female voice, “that... Read More »

Maximizing Percentage Rent: Pointers for Landlords

By on October 25, 2012
skyscraper building with blue sky and a red money sign and red percent sign

In exchange for creating a retail environment that increases the revenues of a tenant’s store, a landlord often negotiates for... Read More »

What is “Main Street Fairness” or “Marketplace Fairness”?

By Joshua M. Bowman on May 2, 2012
Colorful row of quaint shops and businesses with woman walking dog on the sidewalk.

Given the amount of media attention that the issue of “Marketplace Fairness” (formerly called Main Street Fairness) has attracted from... Read More »

6 Tips for Retail Tenants: Traps Preventing Lease Transfers

By on April 11, 2012
Front scenery of a shopping mall

Retail tenants entering into long term leases should be aware that tenants’ rights to assign or sublet may prove illusory... Read More »