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Recent Changes to the Law of Private Construction Contracts – Your Government is Here to Help You Again

By Peter Friedenberg on October 3, 2014
a building in the middle of construction with work machines out front and blue sky in the background

As part of the end-of-session rush at the General Court this summer, significant changes were made to Massachusetts law governing... Read More »

The Aging Population and the Real Estate Community

By Paula G. Curry on October 8, 2013
a phil dunphy from mordern family gif with the words " When life gives you lemonade, make lemons, Life will be like WHAT?!"

My friend, Phil, turned 60 last month. He’s one of the first among my “peer group” – the people I... Read More »

10 Things Real Estate Developers and Investors Should Know About Boston Zoning and Local Permitting

By Sherin and Lodgen on September 17, 2013
buildings in boston and grass infront

Major real estate development projects like the former Filenes site downtown and the New Balance “Boston Landing” project in Brighton... Read More »

10 Highlights of “An Act Promoting the Planning and Development of Sustainable Communities”

By on August 11, 2013
mass state house, a brick building with a gold dome on the top and a blue sky in the background

Support grows as Zoning Reform Law is Referred to Committee With the support of numerous environmental, housing and planning groups (along... Read More »

Statutes of Limitations on Zoning Enforcement Actions in Massachusetts

By on June 27, 2013
Map of Boston

Cautious real estate purchasers or lenders always review their prospective properties for compliance with zoning regulations.  In most cases, they... Read More »

Former Railroad Rights-of-Way

By Joshua M. Alper on March 25, 2013
country railroad crossing: a narrow gravel road crosses a set of railroad tracks in rural virginia.

Many cities and towns, particularly in greater Boston, are criss-crossed with former railroad lines and rights of way, some of... Read More »

Hub and Spoke: Greater Boston Transportation Update

By John J. Slater III on October 10, 2012
red line subway train of mbta with bulidings in the background

In June, the ULI Boston District Council issued “Hub and Spoke: Core Transit Congestion and the Future of Transit and... Read More »

Permit Extension Act Extended Once More in Massachusetts

By Sherin and Lodgen on August 29, 2012
permits concept. word on folder register of card index. selective focus.

The development community within the Commonwealth was the recipient of a welcome benefit following Governor Deval Patrick’s signature of the... Read More »

New Markets Tax Credit Update -Renewal of Popular Program Pending in Congress

By Douglas M. Henry on July 31, 2012
yellow and purple circle with court house in the middle with the words "CDFI FUND, U.S. Department of the treasury, community development financial institution fund"

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) is a popular program, with a proven record of job creation and economic development... Read More »

LEED Certification – Worth the Cost?

By Paula G. Curry on July 3, 2012
"think green" text on green lawn

Dana Developer has just acquired a coveted brownfield site in Blackacre and is planning to construct a 300,000 square foot... Read More »