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Document reading "Employment Agreement" with a pen on top of it

Not So Fast: A Cautionary Tale Regarding “Mistakes” In Employment Agreements

07/20/2021   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough

Consider the following fact pattern: Employer makes the decision to terminate a senior-level Executive. This is a without cause termination... Read More »

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Offer Letter vs. Employment Agreement: Does it Matter?

04/05/2021   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough and Nancy S. Shilepsky

Are the terms of an offer letter enforceable? If the offer is accepted, the answer is usually a resounding “yes,”... Read More »

Non-Competition Agreements: The Material Change Doctrine is Alive and Well

02/19/2021   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough

For years now, it seems that every annual “hot topics & trends” list within the legal and business community has... Read More »

A business woman sitting across a table with a paper titled "Employment Agreement."

There is No Such Thing as “Boilerplate”: Protecting Equity and Deferred Compensation

04/20/2018   |   BY Brian J. MacDonough and Nancy S. Shilepsky

Typically, an executive separating from employment is asked to sign a severance agreement in exchange for severance.  Severance agreements may... Read More »

Closeup of male hand pointing where to sign a contract.

Look Before You Leap

08/07/2017   |   BY Christopher R. Blazejewski

In his latest article, Christopher R. Blazejewski discusses how to get the best employment agreement possible if you are considering joining... Read More »

A paper that says "Termination of Employment" and a notebook, pens, and glasses are around the paper

Disproving “Cause” in Equity and Executive Employment Agreements

04/04/2017   |   BY Nancy S. Shilepsky

On March 6, 2017, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided Balles v. Babcock Power Inc., a case involving the meaning and... Read More »

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Non-Compete Legislation is Back on the Agenda

03/04/2016   |   BY C. Forbes Sargent III

In a speech before the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, Speaker of the Massachusetts House,... Read More »