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This couldn’t happen in my mixed-use condominium….or could it?

By Peter Friedenberg on April 1, 2014
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I just finished reading an article about a recent Superior Court case, Board of Trustees of the Gates of Greenwood... Read More »

Mortgagees Beware! – The Massachusetts Obsolete Mortgages Statute Revisited

By Andrew Royce on March 18, 2014
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The recent Massachusetts Land Court decision in Ry-Co International, Ltd. v. VonIderstein, et al. is a salutary reminder to lenders... Read More »

Broker Awarded Fees Where Lease Was Not Signed

By Joshua M. Alper on March 3, 2014
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A judge of the Superior Court has recently awarded brokerage fees to a realtor despite that the landlord did not... Read More »

Retail Shopping: Virtual or Reality?

By on February 26, 2014
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan from the movie You've Got Mail

In the 1998 movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” the charming children’s bookshop owned by Meg Ryan’s character is threatened by the... Read More »

5 Lease Tips for Startups

By Sherin and Lodgen on February 3, 2014
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Generally when thinking of a lease arrangement between a landlord and tenant we have in mind a long term relationship. ... Read More »

The Basics: Massachusetts Contingency Plan – Massachusetts Chapter 21E

By Ronald W. Ruth on December 9, 2013
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Many of our clients are very familiar with oil and hazardous materials law and how contamination can significantly affect real... Read More »

Must a Retail Business Allow an Individual to use its Property to Solicit Signatures for Elective Office?

By Edward M. Bloom on November 11, 2013
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In 2012, Steven Glovsky needed 1,000 signatures in order to be placed on the ballot for a seat on the... Read More »

The Importance of Notary Acknowledgments in Light of the Weiss Decision

By Andrew Royce on October 28, 2013
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Some alarm has been raised among the real estate bar by the recent decision of the United States Bankruptcy Appellate... Read More »

The Aging Population and the Real Estate Community

By Paula G. Curry on October 8, 2013
a phil dunphy from mordern family gif with the words " When life gives you lemonade, make lemons, Life will be like WHAT?!"

My friend, Phil, turned 60 last month. He’s one of the first among my “peer group” – the people I... Read More »

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center Releases Annual Report

By Ronald W. Ruth on September 26, 2013
the earth with continents and wind mills and solar panels also clouds going around the earth

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) released its superb Annual Report on the state of the clean energy industry in... Read More »