Real Estate Development

In real estate, what matters is location, location, location – in real estate development, control of a key location, from concept to completion, is essential to success.

Our clients rely on Sherin and Lodgen for quick and efficient execution of the agreements which give control of an assemblage, often before competitors or others are aware. Rapid movement from concept to closing is key, and Sherin and Lodgen lawyers have learned to be in sync with the real estate developer client to accomplish the client’s objectives quickly. Focused drafting and attention to essential details are our hallmark. Our lawyers have learned that the lawyer’s role in development projects is not to delay, compound or complicate the transaction but rather to insure that the developer accomplishes the goal of gaining control over key parcels.

Likewise, the execution of the entitlement process so as to obtain permits and create value is basic to successful real estate development. Our lawyers know how to structure and manage the entitlement process so as to secure the relevant permits as quickly as possible and on as favorable conditions as possible.

Money is the engine which drives real estate development and our lawyers are profoundly familiar with the need to secure letters of intent from prospective tenants or users and to structure a development so that it is readily financeable.

Often an exit strategy is necessary. Our clients have learned that Sherin and Lodgen’s experience is critical to maintaining an eye towards an exit strategy even during the most bullish period of the development process.

Representative Experience

  • Large regional developer in connection with the acquisition of a 40 acre brownfield site in an urban area for redevelopment as an industrial park with a goal of zero net carbon footprint
  • Developer in connection with greenhouse gas impact for a proposed 750,000 sq. ft. shopping center
  • Corporate real estate department in connection with sale of surplus office campus property in excess of 350,000 sq. ft.
  • Developer of mixed use/transit-oriented apartments and condominium projects in connection with acquisition, permitting and financing
  • Shopping center developer in connection with unique development of a shopping center under a condominium regime so as to satisfy various development constraints applicable to the property
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